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Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Service


In today's time advanced technology required more reliable, more accurate information on current situation of item, performance and life expectation. High pressure performance of the product had increased demand for more advanced NDT techniques.

In line with this the metals Industry Development Institute (MIDI) has currently established a national NDT center to deliver quality inspection services in support of the metal and engineering industries. In addition, the NDT center has planned to deliver NDT training on the main four methods and lay a ground for the establishment of national NDT certification body.


None-destructive testing (NDT) is science to detect and measure the properties, integrity or performance of a material or structure without impairing its future usefulness. It is used for detection, location and sizing of surface breaking and internal defects (in welds, castings, forgings, composite materials, concrete toe assure safety of operation and installation.

NDT  is mainly used to:-

  • Ensure product integrity and reliability
  • Avoid failures and prevent accidents in order to save human lives
  • Maintain uniform quality level


The NDT center delivers Testing and Training services:


  •  Liquid Penetrant testing (PT)

Used to detect surface and near surface flaws or defects on various materials by applying liquid pentetrant and developer

  •  Magnetic  Particle testing (MT)

Used to detect surface and near surface flaws or defects on metallic materials having magnetic properties by applying magnetizing current and magnetic particle

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Used to detect or reveal internal defects in a test object, by generating high frequency sound wave from an ultrasonic flaw detector using probes.

  • Radiographic testing (RT)

Mainly used to detect internal flaws or defects on various materials by passing penetrating radiation (x-ray or gamma ray) through a test piece to produce radiographic image.


In addition to delivering  testing services the NDT center is currently building the capacity and can conduct trainings towards qualification and citification, on the four testing methods according to ES ISO 9712 & ISO 17024


MIDI is fully staffed with qualified and citified NDT personnel in accordance to International Standard ES ISO 9712 & ISO 17024


  • MIDI has well organized and equipped NDT laboratories for the four NDT methods, in accordance to ISO/ICE 17025 (the requirements for competence of testing and calibration laboratories). 


  • To be the leader in the field of Non Destructive Testing at national level.T
  • To Produce practitioners/end users knowledgeable in NDT methods.
  • To establish a national qualification & certification scheme for NDT personnel.
  • To unite NDT community and protect national interest.


  • Castings, Forgings, Welds, Pipes
  • Machine parts
  • Heavy duty roller shafts
  • Heat exchanger, Boiler
  • Pressures vessel, Fuel tankers
  • After service repair works


  • Air frame and other components


  • Penstock
  • Tunnel


  • Vehicle chassis
  • Rail &Rail Wheels
  • Bridges